Offshore Consulting

Organizations have, over the years, adopted a diverse mix of offshore options. These options have mainly been either a selective offshoring and/or an Offshore Development Center (ODC) with focus on a single- or a multi-vendor approach. To date, the predominant drivers for offshorization has been cost, quality, easier access to required technical talent, faster ramp-up and accelerated delivery.

Our Process:

Nexeon has been instrumental in developing long-term offshore strategies for their large customers. Based on our experience of setting-up and managing large ODCs for clients, our involvement has been right from the conceptualization stage. Nexeon plays a major role in developing the transition roadmap to enable effective implementation of a long-term offshore outsourcing strategy.

  • Selection of an appropriate Offshore Engagement Model
  • Identification of Offshore Solution
  • Identification of transformational application candidates in the early stage of the offshore planning process
  • Identification of SLAs and metrics (including ROI and Application Value) that need to be monitored throughout the relationship
  • Defining an appropriate transition and transformation roadmap
  • Addressing the change management.


  • Strategic Approach
  • Integrated End-to-End Solution
  • Proven methodologies & Structured Process to eliminate risks
  • Cost-Effective Solutions using our Global Expertise and Resources

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