Offshore BOT Services

As a part of our Offshore Consulting & Advisory Services we offer Offshore BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) Services through which we can help our Clients to not only rapidly start their Offshore operations but also run them and make them sustainable and then transfer them as their own subsidiary once they are comfortable. There could be tax benefits for the company using this model.

Our Process:

Here are some of the high-level steps involved in this process.

Build: We register the Offshore Entity and make it compliant with all local laws, set up the facility, infrastructure, High Speed Internet connectivity, VPN Setup, Communications Setup, Data security, staff the development center and establish the operating guidelines.

Operate: We manage the offshore organization for the customer. This includes day-to-day operations, program management, development, quality assurance, maintenance, enhancements and ongoing product support.

Transfer: When the Customer is ready to take over the facility, we help them with a smooth transition by transferring the entity on Customer Name, systematically hand-over the control of day-to-day tasks, Processes, Intellectual Property, Equipment, Inventory etc to the Customer. Also train the Customer Team during and after the Transfer Phase.


  • Rapid Implementation
  • No initial capital expense
  • Local domain knowledge
  • Test the model
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Controlled Transition
  • Post-Transfer support services
  • Tax Benefits

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