IT Contracting / Staff Augmentation

IT Contracting / Staff augmentation / Temp Staffing model can help you achieve a number of business goals including faster speed-to-market, industry and technical experience that accelerates the quality and speed of development and avoiding the cost and time required for internal training and skill development. Many IT organizations today depend on such model to obtain such Ready-To-Go talented resources when and where needed with the ability to “gear up” for projects that require specialized application skills that don’t exist or can’t be leveraged internally.

Nexeon can provide such resources immediately and cost-effectively to our clients. Whether you need additional coverage on a short-term project or want to try a resource and then convert them as a full-time employee later, we can help. Nexeon has a reach and resources to connect you to the very best temporary IT talent. Our staffing services are backed by global recruitment resources, providing specialized professionals on an as-needed basis, allowing you to maintain IT service levels with reduced fixed costs. We help you deploy the right talent and skill sets and optimize your mix of internal staff, outside Contractors and project outsourcing.

Our Price-to-Performance ratio is unparalleled in comparison to others in the industry. Further, our Guaranteed Delivery Program removes the risk associated with hiring new talent and gives you the confidence you need to move quickly and achieve measurable results. Our commitment and dedication is the reason why many of our clients prefer to use our services exclusively for their IT Resource Augmentation needs by making us their Preferred Vendor.

Our Methodology and Process

Our distinctive process has following steps to find the right candidate with the right talent at the first time.

  • Requirement Assessment
  • During this phase we thoroughly understand the Client’s Business goals and objectives, Organizational structure, roles and culture, Key Project initiatives with timelines and deliverables, Current resources and structure
  • Talent Acquisition
  • During this phase we search for the best talent via our various procurement channels such as searching for suitable candidates within our employee and contractor pools, accessing our proprietary database or active and passive candidates, access global job boards and social networking sites, networking with our peers, referrals etc.
  • Screening & Selection Process
  • We conduct a very robust qualification process which could include phone/video/personal interviews and also online/offline tests if required and present you with a fully-vetted shortlist of top professionals who match your requirements. We can also offer Audio/Video files of the interviews to the clients if they opt for.
  • Deployment
  • Once the right Candidates are approved by the Clients, we do a through orientaion on Client’s Project, culture, expectations, deadlines, code-of-conduct etc and deploy the personnel at the client location.
  • Performance Management
  • Once the candidates start working at the client site, we continually monitor their performance, act as a liaison between client and the candidates and address any issues etc.
  • Project Hand Over / Post-Contract Support
  • At the completion of the project we assist the clients in proper project handover, code handover, equipment and access handover etc. Also we can assist clients in transforming the contract resources to their full-time employee by conducting salary and benefit negotiations, Immigration assistance etc if they opt for.

Our Service Delivery Models:

We offer following Contract Engagement Models:

  • Onsite-Contracting: In this model, the Contractors work at client’s location (Onsite). This the most traditional method. This model can be used if you need to have high interaction with the Contractor, or for critical or collaborative projects.
  • Remote-Contracting: In this model, Contractors works out of our facility or from their residence (within US). This model can be used if you don’t need high interaction with the Contractor and/or for non-critical, non-collaborative, Task specific projects. There will be good cost-benefits in this model.
  • Offshore-Contracting: In this model, Contractors works out of our offshore facility (Outside US). This model can be used if you don’t need high interaction with the Contractor and/or for non-critical, non-collaborative, Task specific projects. There will be huge cost benefits in this model.
  • Blended-Contracting: In this model, Contractors work on blend of Onsite/Remote/Offshore models. This model can be used where the tasks can be segregated to fit the right models. There will be huge cost benefits in this model.
  • Contract-to-Hire: In this model, we initially provide the Resources on Contracting basis and then if Clients like those resources they can hire them directly.


  • Proven Processes and Tools: Have access to our time tested, result oriented processes and tools without reinventing the wheel.
  • Access to Global Talent Pool - Get the best professionals with the right expertise right away.
  • Industry Experience - Take advantage of our industry experience.
  • Cost Savings - Benefit with our low-cost services and also by saving time, money and effort in hiring and training the recruiting staff, placing ads, paying for job-boards subscriptions etc.
  • Focus on your core business - Free up your employees to focus on core, revenue generating business initiatives.
  • No Overhead Costs - No need to have overhead costs associated with hiring, payroll, equipment, seating costs etc.
  • No Liabilities - No employee liabilities and insurance costs.
  • Flexible Model - Can hire on contract basis. No need for long term commitments.
  • No Upfront cost - There are no upfront costs.
  • Scalable Solution - Scale solutions globally to fit your needs—when you need them.
  • Try before you hire - Using our Contract-to-hire services you can try the Candidate risk free before you want to hire.
  • No-Risk Service Guarantee - We provide no-risk guarantee of our services by offering free trial periods or contingent fee models.

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