Candidate Referal Programme

Nexeon believes an effective way of increasing the success of hiring and retaining good people is by referrals. The company encourages anyone to refer friends, colleagues, and people you previously worked with for our job vacancies. To reward employees for referring qualified candidates who subsequently are hired, Nexeon pays the referring employee a Referral Bonus (RB) for each successful referral made in accordance with the Company's referral program provisions.

Referral Program Procedure

  • Submission - As a first step the Referring Person (RP) should submit the Profile or Resume of the Referred Candidate (RC) via our Company Job Portal as a RC. Here are some of the prerequisites for the submission.
    • The submitted Profile / Resume need not have the contact info of the RC, but should have full name (First & Last) of the RC so that we can verify that the candidate has not applied to us already or referred by someone else already.
    • You should know the RC personally.
    • RC should not have worked with or applied for a position earlier with Nexeon.
  • Verification & Acceptance - As a next step, our Talent Acquisition Group (TAG) will verify the Profile / Resume of the RC and see if he/she was not in our database and also see if he/she would fit for one of our current requirements. If so, then we will contact you and let you know that we would like to accept RC and execute a master Referral Agreement (RA), which can used for future referrals also with you.
  • Interview Process - Once our TA team accepts the RC, then we collect the contact info of the RC from you and then conduct required interviews (such as Technical and HR interviews) with the RC.
  • Hiring of RC - If RC gets through the company interviews and fits the company requirements the Company may hire the Candidate. In that case, you will be entitled for the RB for that particular RC. For any reason if RC does not do well in our interviews or does not fit our current requirements, then we will disqualify the RC at this stage. But if we intent to hire the RC within one year from the date of initial submission you will still qualify for the RB.

Referral Bonus Payment Procedure

  • Initial Payment* - Depending on the skill-set and experience of the RC, an intial payment in the range of $300-$500 will be paid to you after 3 months of continuous employment of RC with the Company.
  • Subsequent Payments* - Again depending on the skill-set and experience of the RC, subsequent payments in the range of $300-$500 will be paid to you after every 6 months of continuous employment of RC with the Company for upto 18 months.

So for example, let us say you referred someone who qualifies for $500 payment then, you can get an

Total RB payment of = $500(Initial Payment) + (3 * $500(Subsequent Payments)) = $2000

Other Terms & Conditions*

  • Initial and Subsequent Payments are subject to the terms and condition of our Referral Agreement (RA) and can change at anytime at company's discretion.
  • All bonuses paid under this program are subject to tax withholding.
  • To avoid possible conflicts of interest, referral bonuses are not paid to RCs referred by employees working in the Recruiting/TAG Teams and/or anyone who has access to Company subscribed Job Boards / Portals or to the applicants who apply to company directly.
  • In accordance with the job-posting program, all open positions for which employees can refer qualified candidates are posted at designated locations and maintained by our TAG team. This Department also is responsible for administering the employee referral program, including processing all referral forms and bonus applications and resolving any disputes.

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