Research & Analysis Services

Research & Analysis is an essential part of any business that wants to offer products or services that are focussed and well targeted. Business decisions that are based on good intelligence and good market research can minimise risk and pay dividends and by making market research part and parcel of the business process and conducting market research throughout the lifecycle of a product or service

We offer following Research and Analysis Services(RAS):

  • Business Market Research - To see if a business model is viable
  • Product/Service Market Research - To see viability of a Product or Service
  • Competitive Research - To find out how your competitors are selling their products or services.
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research - On your various products and services
  • Consumer Market Research - To find out about your consumer needs and preferences
  • Technology Market Research - To find out about technologies used in your arena
  • Advertising Market Research - To find out about what type of Advertising methods are effective.

Our Process:

  1. Define the problem and research objectives
  2. Develop the research plan
  3. Collect the information - We use following methods to collect the information
    • Web Searches
    • Web surveys - design, development and hosting
    • Telephone surveys  
    • Email surveys
    • Secondary data collection
  4. Analyze the information- We use following methods to collect the information
    • Statistical analysis using standard packages
    • Cross tabulation
    • Significance testing  
    • Weighting
    • Conjoint analysis
    • Regression & Correlation
  5. Present the findings


Market research will help you better communicate
Market research helps you identify opportunities
Market research will minimise risk
Market research creates benchmarks and helps you measure your progress
Cost savings as high as 40-45%
World class quality deliverables, consistently submitted in strict adherence to time deadlines
Access to high-quality research and analytical skill sets - as and when you need them

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