Cost Optimisation Consulting

Success of the business lies in aligning technology strategy with business objectives. But it is always a struggle to balance tactical vs. strategic, cost savings vs. innovation. You need a roadmap to ensure strategic goals are met while investments are maximized through new technologies, but at the same time, you must continue to support the existing technology investments and day-to-day operations of the business.

Through our Cost-Optimization Consulting services we can help you to achieve this goal. By leveraging our knowledge, experience and expertise, we have developed a strong methodology, framework, tools and accelerators to help companies to identify not only the obvious but also hidden Cost-Optimization opportunities within an organization while preserving ongoing business activities.

Our Methodology & Process

This is a high-level, targeted analysis that examines a cross-section of the user, technical, and operations support areas of your application environment.

  • Identify the Scope Identify the scope of the Project
  • Information and Data collection - Gather information and data on your existing Processes, Tasks. Resources, Services, Technologies, Software, Hardware and Infrastructure costs, Benefits, Risks and current ROI
  • Analysis using our I-CARE process - We use our our proprietary ICARE Methodology to either Improve / Change / Add / Remove / Enhance existing Processes.
  • Identify the Cost-Cutting Opportunities To identify the greatest Cost Savings, Cost Avoidance, Cost Deferral opportunities while preserving or improving the quality of your business processes. Cost Cutting, Cost Avoidance and Cost Deferral initiatives can take many forms, and "out of the box" thinking is required in order to capitalize on the available alternatives. The overriding objective is to realize a reduction in IT support costs while optimizing the efficiency of your support  activities. This enables you to effectively capitalize on the promise of your IT investment.
  • Design a Cost-Optimization Solution - develop a Result Oriented, Customized, Cost-Effective Cost Optimization Solution (COS).
  • Implement Cost-Optimization Solution -Implement the suggested COS
  • ROI Analysis - Do ROI analysis of the implemented COS at regular intervals
  • Continuous Solution Optimization - Based on the dynamically changing business environment, technology changes, compliance changes, company goals etc, we continuously optimize and improve the implemented solution to yield optimal results and ROI.

Our suggestions are based on our research and experience with the latest available and proven offerings. We believe that our approach can have a positive impact on your budget and your applications. Here is the depiction of our process



  • Complimentary I-CARE Process: Avail our No Risk, No Obligation, Complimentary I-CARE Assessment
  • Reduce your IT costs - from 15% to 60% leading to higher profit margins
  • Realign Internal Resources - Realign your internal resources on more value added core initiatives and thereby increase employee morale, better Resource ROI and reduce attrition and costs.
  • More Business Focus - Enable stronger focus on quality, service, and other process elements is revealing & enabling.
  • Improve Customer and User support - Using optimized solutions, improve your Customer and User Support.
  • Large Market Share and Global Player - Become a global competitive player with larger market share from price reductions after cost reductions and enhanced competitive position
  • Higher bottom-lines and improved investor confidence.

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