Offshore Merger & Acquisition

As organizations look to grow by entering new markets or protecting their existing interests, mergers and acquisitions, along with alliances, become important strategic tools. We provide Offshore Merger and Acquisition Services to help companies pursue their strategic Merger and Acquisition initiatives.

Our Process:

Our M&A Consulting Team can work with clients to devise a strategic Merger and Acquisition Plan and also assist them in implementing it successfully. Here are some of the activities we can help our Clients with.

Analysis - We can analyse your requirement and see if a Merger or Acquisition Initiative makes sense. If not, we will suggest other alternatives. If yes, our team works along with your Legal and Financial Advisors and will devise a Offshore Merger & Acquisition plan for your Company..

Search - Once the Offshore Merger and Acquisition Plan is devised and agreed upon, we initiate an extensive confidential search process using our vast database of qualified companies and also via initiating advertising and formal RFP process, we search for most suitable companies which fit the criteria.

Due Diligence - Once the qualified companies are shortlisted, we will assist you in complete due-diligence process of the Offshore Company.

Assist in M&A Process - Once the right company is selected, our team will assist the Client in complete Merger and Acquisition Process.


  • Access to our Global Resources
  • Achieve immediate growth in new segments
  • Achieve immediate results
  • New innovation opportunities
  • Faster access to new revenue streams and capabilities
  • Stronger Global Positioning
  • More tangible and quicker ROI
  • Avoid failures and cost-overruns by choosing proven companies

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