Website Development & Support

Our web based application development includes several competing and widely used technological platforms (consisting of a programming language, frameworks(s), components and tools). Web development support (WDS) services include professional website design for corporate websites on multiple platforms including database design.

Our Process

In a fast paced changing business world it is imperative to stay current by implementing content management solutions  into your web presence. Our Implementation process is cost effective and easy to use that enables business to upload content quickly thereby streamlining the web publishing process.

Website Types

We can develop following types of websites

  • Business & Corporate websites
  • Retail & E-Commerce websites
  • Application / Database enabled websites
  • Social networking and membership sites
  • Informational & Support websites
  • Interactive websites
  • Multilingual websites
  • Forums & Blogs sites
  • Intranets and Client Extranet sites
  • Non-Profit Organization websites
  • Micro sites for Brand Marketing

Our Web Development and Support Services are based on project management methodologies and a structured process, which include;

  • Requirements gathering
  • Business Analysis
  • Create Site Architecture
  • Design website with a theme
  • Iterative process of updates while work in progress
  • Test run the website
  • Website deployment, Website Maintenance


  • Have access to our time tested, result oriented processes and web development methodologies
  • Benefit from significant reduction of development and maintenance costs
  • Timely release of updates and enhancements
  • Ongoing alignment with your business requirements, Technology, Industry trends and your Strategic goals.
  • Guaranteed service quality

Contact Info

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