Direct Placement Services

Finding talented and experienced IT professionals to fill your permanent positions can be a complicated, expensive and time-consuming process. But with our Direct Placement services it is not.

We already have access to the best available global talent. We offer perfect solution for companies that need resources internally but may lack the recruiting expertise or resources to attract ideal candidates. We can also do the job that our client can't; namely seeking out those top performers who are gainfully employed at their current company and not actively seeking to change jobs. We also offer Performance Guarantee Provision should the Consultant not work out.

So, whether you need permanent talent in one office or throughout the country, we can help. Let us create a customized recruiting program for your company.


We leverage our IT Contracting Services methodology and Process and customize it to fit to your particular needs to find the best qualified talent out there.


  • Industry Experience - Take advantage of our industry experience
  • Proven Processes and Tools: Have access to our time tested, result oriented processes and tools without reinventing the wheel
  • Access to Global Talent Pool - Get the best professionals with the right expertise right away.
  • Cost Savings - Benefit with our low-cost services and also by saving time, money and effort in hiring and training the recruiting staff, placing ads, paying for job-boards subscriptions etc.
  • No Upfront cost - There are no upfront costs.
  • Scalable Solution - Scale solutions globally to fit your needs—when you need them
  • Try before you hire - Using our Contract-to-hire services you can try the Candidate risk free before you want to hire.
  • Service Guarantee - We also offer Performance Guarantee Provision

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Direct Placement Services

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