Offshore Project Management

As a part of our Offshore Consulting & Advisory Services we offer Project Management Services through which we help our Clients to manage the new or existing Offshore Projects using our Professional and Proven methodology. We can offer this as an separate independent, unbiased, customized service for new or existing projects.

Our Process:

Here are some of the steps involved in this process.

Project Planning, Logistics and Infrastructure setup: Once the Offshore vendors are finalized, we help our clients and vendors to do Project Planning, Logistics and Infrastructure setup

Resources Evaluation: Before the resources are deployed by the Vendor, we check the experience and capabilities of the resources who will be deployed on the project to make sure that we get the right resources the first time.

Project Development Management: Once the development phase begins, we oversee the complete Project development process and making sure that the project is implemented correctly and also within the timeframe and budget.

Project Delivery Management: Once the Project development is completed, we help in proper hand-over of the Project to the Client. We take care of activities such as overseeing proper Project Handover (such as Initial Production Support, handover of project components (such as code, manuals, Intellectual Property etc) training the support team etc


  • Professional Project Management
  • Implementation of Proven process
  • Continuous tracking of Project progress from start to finish
  • Act as a one point liaison and resolve any Project issues with multiple vendors
  • Ensuring Proper Project Handover

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